The Ho Integrated Recycling and Composting Plant (IRECOP) is expected to provide 200 direct and over 500 indirect employment opportunity for the youths in the community when fully completed and commission.

The facility which is about 85% complete is one of the sixteen (16) facilities being established by Jospong Group of Companies in collaboration with the Government of Ghana.

According to Ing. Senam Tengey, ( Head of Medical Waste – Jospong Group ), the IRECOP would receive and process about 600 to 800 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day from the Volta region.

Addressing the Parliamentary Press, Ign. Seman said, the establishment will also recycle and process the organic waste into compost material which will serve as fertilizers for farmers whiles other recyclables such as plastics, papers and metals will also be retrieved and converted into usable products.
This was revealed when the Parliamentary Press paid an industrial visit to the site.

The Technical Manager, Ing. Owusu Sakodie mentioned that, the facility is has ultra modern equipment such as Uniform Drum Feeder, Primary Sorting Units, Rotary Screen, Secondary Sorting unit, Organic Star Screen, Magnetic Separator, 2D & 3D Sorting Units, Wind Shifter, Organic Quality Assurance Sorting Unit and Baler which will enhance job performance.

The facility also has a Centralized Medical Waste Treatment plant which will serve the purpose of collecting and treating hazardous components of healthcare waste. These includes used syringes, blood stained materials, pathological waste, Covid-19 waste etc.
Again the facility will serve all healthcare units within the region.

Source: Deborah Dzivenu