The Chief Executive Officer of B5 Plus Ghana Limited Mr. Mukesh Thakwani has appealed to the government of Ghana to place a hold on the importation of inferior construction materials such as steel product that are finding ways into the Ghanian market.

Explaining the impact of the inferior steel product, Mr. Mukesh said its existence in the market is effecting business, production and employment hence the need to ban such goods from the system.

In terms of employment, Mr. Mukesh said, the company ( B5 plus ) had directly and indirectly employed fifteen thousand worker and has the capacity of sixty thousand tones of production daily in Ghana.

However, the CEO of B5 plus has called on government to create a system that can address land issues.
According to Mr. Mukesh, the second phase of expansion has come to a halt due to land litigation,
He said the second phase when completed would provide thousands of jobs for the youth.
” we haven spoken to the local authority, they are aware of the challenges and truly trying to assist but it is time consuming and for this type of land issues, it has been already five years we been battling on and still we are not able to finish it up, so yes ! it’s time consuming and that is a major concern for us ” he said.

This was revealed when the Parliamentary Press Corps paid an industrial visit to the site on Wednesday 9th November, 2022 at Tema.

Parliamentary Press Corps & B5 Plus Ghana Company Ltd

B5 Plus Ghana Company Ltd is a leading manufacturer of steel and finished steel products in West Africa.
Located in Tema Ghana, B5 plus produce steel product in seven major areas. Notable among them are Mild Steel, High Tensile and Iron Rods, Galvanized Products and Stainless Steel.
Other categories include Marine and Mining, Roofing and Nails as well as concrete and Fencing.

Source: Deborah Dzivenu/ agn news