Dalvin Azumah Nelson Jnr, the son of World Boxing Hall of Famer, Azumah Nelson, has come out to refute claims by his dad that he has quit boxing.

 “He realized that boxing is not for ‘dada ba’ people. It’s a sport for hustlers and people from not-too-good backgrounds”, Azumah Nelson told Dan Kweku Yeboah TV.

In response to this, Dalvin took to social media (X) to clear the air about his current status in boxing, as purported by his dad that he has quit.

“I haven’t quit I just needed to take a hiatus to make sure it’s what I really wanted for myself and not just what my dad wanted for me…” Dalvin said.

He went on to add that boxing is a hard and dangerous sport and so he had to make sure it is his own decision and that he will be returning to the ring soon.

“Boxing is a hard and dangerous sport so I had to be sure it’s what I wanted for myself, I’ll be fighting real soon tho so stay tuned!!…MERCI!!” Dalvin added.