In a heartwarming event on Sunday, February 25, 2024, the AritaGlobe Foundation brought smiles and joy to the Matilda “Children’s Home” Foundation during their annual “Joy Of Love” program held at Ampabame No. 1, Santasi Road Kumasi.

The “Joy Of Love” program, an annual routine of the Foundation, aims to foster an atmosphere of joy and love through various activities including words of exhortation, empowerment, dining, and charitable donations.

This year’s gathering, attended by over sixty individuals spanning different age groups, commenced with a soul-stirring prayer session and uplifting worship songs, setting the tone for a day filled with love and compassion.

Speaking at the event, Executive Director of the AritaGlobe Foundation, Princess Arita Anim inspired the children as she preached Christ and emphasized the need to persevere. “…I want you to know that Jesus loves you. Also, there is a need for you to understand the importance of perseverance and academic dedication. Trust me, with this determination you can achieve anything. Keep your dreams alive. You can” she stressed.

The event, which lasted over two hours, provided the children the opportunity to showcase their talents through activities such as choreography and poetry recitations, evoking a spectrum of emotions among attendees.

Adding to the heartfelt occasion, this year’s ‘Joy of Love’ program was generously sponsored by Mrs. Monica Osei, the CEO of Bead Global, affectionately known as Original Mamamaama. Alongside her husband, Mrs. Osei graced the event with her presence, sharing her enthusiasm for being part of such a meaningful program.

In her remarks, Mrs. Osei expressed her excitement, emphasizing her belief that true blessings are meant to be shared for the benefit of others.

Madam Matilda, Patron at the home expressed profound gratitude to the AritaGlobe Foundation team, extending a heartfelt plea to stakeholders and individuals to continue supporting their noble cause.

In an interview with AGN NEWS, Communications Director for AritaGlobe Foundation, Charles Akrofi, extended heartfelt thanks to the team and all those who reached out to support.

He emphasized that the foundation’s charity aspect operates purely on faith, and this year was no exception.

“By the benevolence of Original Mamamaama, few individuals who reached out to us, the AritaGlobe Foundation was able to dine with the children and generously donated essential items including mattresses to the home” he told Rarita Feamin of AGN NEWS.

Source: Rarita Feamin