In its ongoing commitment to road safety, the AritaGlobe Foundation has officially kicked off its annual road safety project, marking the 4th edition of the initiative since its inception. This year’s campaign, themed #DriveSafeKidSafe, aims to emphasize responsible driving practices, particularly during the festive season when road accidents tend to escalate.
The foundation, known for its collaborative efforts with the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), continues its mission to enhance road safety by urging drivers to reduce reckless behaviors that endanger the lives of pedestrians and passengers, with a specific focus on ensuring the safety of children.
Charles Akrofi, the Communication Director for AritaGlobe Foundation, highlighted the significance of the annual event in a media interview. He stressed that the initiative is a complementary effort to support the NRSA in minimizing road accidents and casualties during the festive season. “Statistics on road accidents are alarming as we approach the yuletide season. It is a collective responsibility for all individuals to contribute to reducing road carnages. Our #DriveSafeKidSafe campaign emphasizes the need for heightened awareness among drivers and pedestrians alike,” He explained.
Having established successful partnerships with the NRSA in the past, the AritaGlobe Foundation continues to play a pivotal role in advocating for safer roads. The foundation encourages all road users to remain vigilant, with drivers being urged to exercise caution and pedestrians reminded to stay alert while navigating roadways.
As the holiday season approaches, the AritaGlobe Foundation’s initiative serves as a timely reminder for everyone to prioritize safety on the roads, ensuring a festive season free from unnecessary accidents and tragedies.