Cristiano Ronaldo has set the record of being the first player in history to reach 700 club goals. He made this record on Sunday, October 9, 2022, when he scored the winner for Manchester United in their away premier league game against Everton.

Ronaldo climbed off the bench to replace injured Frenchman, Anthony Martial on the 29’ minute.

Just 15 minutes later, he fire powered a low shot past Pickford which granted United the lead and ensured they bagged all the 3 points at Goodison Park.

This was after Anthony’s 15’ minute equalizer against Iwobi’s 5’ minute curler.

Here’s a club-to-club breakdown of the 700 club goals he has scored:
Sporting Lisbon – 5
Real Madrid – 450
Juventus – 101
Manchester United – 144