Controversial Sports administrator, Alhaji Grusah has aired that it’s not a crime if members of the Ghana Senior National team, Black Stars committee receive $100,000 as appearance fees for work done before, during & after the 2022 World Cup played in Qatar.

Alhaji Grusah

Although President & bankroller of Kumasi based King Faisal did not confirm receiving such amount.

“I want to ask if it’s a crime for us (the management committee) to take that appearance fee of $100,000,” Alhaji Grusah said,

He added: “It’s just some journalists who are only making noise about this, though I agree the money is huge, I think we deserved it.
“A lot could have happened to us, we left our jobs to serve Ghana, if some of us were to stay back, we could have earned more than that from our various jobs, if it’s a crime, Ghanaians should come for their money. We took the money because we deserved it.”

After this words from Alhaji Grusah, Ghanaians criticised him, other committee members , GFA & the Ministry for Youth & Sports for giving $700,000 to the 7 member committee.

King Faisal President, Alhaji Grusah have come out to rebut such claims after the backlash from Ghanaians

“I was asked a question by the presenter if we received $100k as appearance fees and I asked back if it is wrong for Black Stars Management Committee members to receive that money. Was that to confirm that we took $100k? In any case, I went on to add that we never received anything as appearance fees. So why will someone say I said we took $100k?

“Please I never said that. We will cherish it if the government will reward us for steering the nation to the World Cup but we have not received any $100k. I’m always available, anyone who wants the truth can call me to confirm.”