AritaGlobe Foundation urges Presidential aspirants to include tackling Climate Change in campaigns

As world leaders continue to seek solution to the scale and impact of a change in the global climate pattern, the AritaGlobe Foundation, a Non-governmental Organization that seeks to empower deprived communities in Africa achieve their full potentials is urging Presidential aspirants in Ghana and Africa to prioritize the topic in their campaigns.

This is against the backdrop that, Africa has the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world, yet one of the hardest hit in terms of the impact of climate change. In Africa, the impact of a change in the climate is telling on almost every sector of the economy. From a decrease in agricultural outcomes as a result of delayed rains, to floods in the cities following long hours of persistent rains, the continent is faced with a continuous threat to lives and properties.

As the 2024 general elections in Ghana draw closer, the AritaGlobe Foundation is seeking to change the status quo by challenging Presidential aspirants to give prominence to the topic during campaigns. The foundation wants them to put before the people, their planned policies on tackling the impacts of climate change. “Going forward, we believe this should be one of the basis upon which elections are decided by the electorates” assets Charles Akrofi, Communication Director of the foundation.

According to him “The political season presents us the opportunity to know the minds of the people seeking our mandate to govern us. It’s no gainsaying the fact that our existence as a people is being threatened by these climatic changes. But regretably, most governments in Africa have failed to prioritize the issue as the continent continues to remain one of the hardest hit in terms of the impacts of climate change. It is about time we demanded to know from the people who are seeking to govern us, what their policies on tackling climate change are. “

To achieve these objectives, the foundation has set itself to embark on series of campaigns aimed at conscientizing the people on the effects of climate change, the need to adopt some positive life approaches and to demand accountability from government. “These campaigns are not geared towards antagonizing any elected government, but just so there is a policy to tackling the phenomenon which we as a foundation are ever ready to help the government of the day fine-tune to serve its purpose.”

Source: AGN NEWS